Cancellation Policy

Please be advised that HUM has a 48 hour cancellation policy.

This policy is for all individual, couple, and family therapy appointments, as well as for the comprehensive assessment, fitness to work assessments, and independent medical evaluations. This means that we require at least 48 hours notice if you are going to be unable to attend your scheduled appointment for any reason or else you will be charged the full fee (outlined below). Voicemails are considered sufficient for notice as they are date and time-stamped.

Please be aware that this policy does not apply to our intensive outpatient programs or group therapy sessions, as the attendance policies are unique for these services and are clearly outlined prior to starting them.

We keep a $200 deposit on file for all active HUM patients which can be used to cover the cost of missed appointments. You will need to replenish your deposit before additional appointments can be made. This deposit can be requested back through writing at any time if you wish to discontinue services with us. 

Outstanding Payments

If services are not paid for before or immediately after delivery than an invoice will be sent out to you by our office that must be paid within 30 days. After this point we will provide reminders of your amount owing. Interest is charged on account balances after 30 days and accounts are sent to collections if unpaid for longer than 90 days.

Group Therapy Policy

HUM offers weekly Group Therapy for men and women exploring recovery from Addiction. We offer groups specifically for health care providers, a men’s only group, a women’s only group, and mixed recovery groups. Group therapy is not a mandatory part of our program but is an option for you to consider in your recovery. Below is our group therapy policy

Early Recovery Attendance

  • New group members need to commit to weekly group therapy for a minimum of two (2) quarters or six (6) months to optimize the therapeutic value of group therapy. A signed and approved group billing form is required before commencement of group therapy.
  • The HUM team will clinically evaluate frequency of attendance with each individual after the six (6) month commitment and after every quarter or every three (3) months thereafter. Ongoing Recovery Attendance.
  • Upon completion of compulsory two (2) quarters of six (6) months group therapy, individuals are encouraged to continue group and commit to the number of groups they will attend for each month of that quarter in agreement with the clinical team.
  • If you would like to attend more session in the month than committed and paid for, each session will be billed separately at $65.00 per session.

Attendance Exceptions

  • One (1) month notice is required for scheduled work commitments or vacations.
  • All illness related absences are reviewed on an individual basis.
  • Only two (2) excused group sessions per quarter are allowed and only for work, sickness or vacation reasons. For preapproved excused absences, you will receive a credit toward your next quarterly payment and must be reflected on the HUM billing agreement.

Group Payment Policy

  • Payment by cash, debit or credit card only. No personal cheques.
  • Group members can choose one of two options for payment;
    • Pay the entire quarter (3 months) upfront. Quarterly payments are accepted at the beginning of January, April, July and October you will receive a 10% savings if paying quarterly.
    • Pay at the beginning of each month.
  • New group members that start mid-quarter will pay the weekly rate and are most welcome to begin quarterly payments at the beginning of the next quarter to receive the 10% savings.
  • If a group member is asked to leave group therapy due to disruptive behavior there will be no reimbursement of monies or credit applied to your account.

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