We provide support to employees who are at work but may be having some performance issues, are off work on sick leave or disability or are returning back to work.  We provide support in the areas of Addiction, Mental Health and Chronic Pain.

HUM recognizes the importance of the Bio-Psycho-Social and Spiritual dimensions and they are integral of our Integrated Continuing Care Framework

Biological (Physical) – genetic factors, structural and biochemical factors in the function of various systems in the body, such as respiratory, gastrointestinal, cardiac, neurological etc.

Psychological – cognitive (thinking) and affective (feeling) factors, which affect perceptions and behaviours.

Social – relationships with others – friends, family and co-workers, entertainment, recreation, support groups, volunteering, work etc.

Spiritual – issues relating to meaning and purpose in life, values, passion, acceptance, serenity, relationship with oneself and the rest of the universe.