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Intensive Outpatient Program

Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOPs) are an increasingly popular treatment option for Addiction recovery. Residential treatment can come with a number of challenges, notably: Cost, time away from home and other responsibilities or priorities, and artificial environment that does not reflect daily challenges of life to name a few.

An IOP provides a number of advantages. One is that they are usually more flexible in terms of cost, length, and format. This flexibility can allow people to access treatment who otherwise would not be able or willing. Another advantage is that IOPs are typically more cost-effective which can also lower barriers for treatment. IOPs are an option for people brand new to the recovery process as well as appropriate for those who have been exploring recovery for a long time.

At HUM, our IOP explore Addiction through the framework of holistic recovery and ‘Addiction is Addiction.’ Daily education focuses on topics related to this and encourages open discussion among participants about all parts of their Addiction and life. Groups are not limited to specific substances of choice but, rather, open to anyone who recognizes having Addiction, which can include manifesting in sex, food, alcohol, drugs, shopping, work, perfectionism, exercise, video games, media, gambling, and beyond. Participants find value learning from others who may have different symptoms they are exploring but can relate to the underlying feelings and process, plus have a new perspective to look at their own journey through.

If you think an IOP may be a fit for you or a loved one, please feel free to reach out and learn more.