What We Treat

At HUM, we are an integrated health care team so you will receive health care services from a number of different health care providers, such as nurses, physicians, and psychologists, based on your needs. We take a holistic approach to health; therefore we will be exploring biological, psychological, social, and spiritual dimensions, rather than looking at health issues or diagnoses in isolation.

Addiction - Involving Alcohol, Drugs, Opioids, etc

Addiction is a chronic brain disease and is influenced by both genetics and environment similar to other chronic diseases such as diabetes. Addiction can manifest in many ways including use of alcohol and the focus at HUM is to address Addiction is Addiction. This means that whether a person uses alcohol, drugs, or engages in compulsive behaviors, such as gambling, shopping etc., these are not mutually exclusive and represent different manifestations of the same disease.

Family - Youth and Family Addiction Services

HUM provides a comprehensive assessment and outpatient addiction treatment for youth and family members in Calgary and surrounding areas. Assessment means we spend time getting to know you, try to find out what is going on and the acuity of the issues. Treatment means the things we do to help you and your child which may include individual, family and group therapy and other services. HUM’s focus with youth and families is early intervention. Early intervention refers to getting help early for people showing initial signs and…

Mental Health - Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety is a common term used to describe feeling worried, nervous, uneasy or scared. Anxiety is fear based and future focused; it is a feeling in response to an upcoming event where there is a lot of uncertainty. Many people experience anxiety at one time or another, as it is part of our brain’s response to a perceived danger — even if that danger is not real. Anxiety is a symptom of your thinking and feeling. When anxiety builds over time without being managed, it can turn into something more serious and people may then…

Chronic Pain - Including Joint Pain, Muscle Aches, etc

Chronic pain is defined as pain lasting more than 6 months or longer than the time expected for tissue healing. Distinction is made clinically between cancer pain and non-cancer pain, as cancer pain usually worsens as the cancer spreads and increasing medications are required for palliative care. Chronic non-cancer pain (CNCP), on the other hand, is a condition where pain perception is driven by persistent pain signals coming from specific areas of the body and/or there is amplification of pain perception in the central nervous…