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What is Self-Care?

This question of what is self-care has been coming up in individual appointments and groups over the last little while. It’s an interesting and worthwhile question to ask, as self-care can mean very different things to people. Often we are focused on the actions, what are people literally doing to take care of themselves? This can range from basic care like nourishment and hygiene, to luxuries like bubble baths, facials, and treating one self.

Fundamentally, though, it’s also important to look at the underlying motivation behind self-care, which is to nurture the self. If shame is high and esteem low, this prospect can feel overwhelming and even unwanted. It is still important to take the actions even if the belief in self is not there, trusting that action will lead to development.

Enjoy this video and take some time to reflect on what self-care means and looks like for you.

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