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Visualization, or guided imagery, is a great technique for reducing intense emotions, stress, and physical pain. It is a technique that can be practised anywhere, anytime, and requires no equipment aside from a quiet, comfortable space. Below is just one visualization script that you may use, but feel free to develop your own safe, happy, relaxing place in your mind where you can visit at anytime. This can be on the beach, a log cabin in the woods, or a familiar place from childhood. The goal of visualization is to quiet the mind, evoke the senses, and facilitate a state of deep relaxation. Take 15-20 minutes each day to walk yourself through this (or other) visualization activities.

Sunlight Visualization

Picture yourself in a safe, beautiful place outdoors. Now imagine that you feel a warm, gentle breeze over your body. Smell the fresh air and the world around you. Overhead you see a beautiful blue sky and some white clouds floating gently by. Shining directly overhead is the sun.

Breathe slowly in and out through your nose as you imagine lying in the warmth of the sun. With each breath in, concentrate on any pain or tension you may feel and breathe into it. With each breath out, focus on releasing this pain or tension. Breathe mindfully and fully as you continue to enjoy the warmth of the sun and the gentle breeze.

Now imagine that you can feel the warmth and the light from the sun shining down on your entire body. You feel it beginning to relax and soothe every part of your body. You might concentrate on this sunlight and move it over to your right arm. Focus on it warming your skin and arm. Experience the light from the sun penetrating the fingertips of your right hand, feel it soothing and relaxing your right hand. Now feel the sunlight move from your right hand to your forearm… and then to your upper arm… and then to your shoulder. You can feel it filling and soothing every muscle, tendon, and nerve in your right arm.

Now slowly, consciously, concentrate the sunlight, feeling the warmth and soothing power of the sun, on your left arm… your face and head… your stomach… your spine and back… your right leg… and your left leg…

Take your time moving the sunlight around and basking in its warmth and healing properties. Allow yourself to drift deeper and deeper into quietness and peace… becoming more and more relaxed. In a moment you can feel the sunlight relaxing and soothing every single cell in your body. Every single cell is becoming more relaxed and releasing any pain or tension it was holding. You feel yourself becoming very deeply relaxed… very much at peace