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The Holidays Part 3: Self-care

In this video series on the holiday, we initially encouraged exploring your feelings connected with the holiday season, followed by developing a plan for yourself through the holidays which includes boundaries, being thoughtful about invitations you say yes or no to, and incorporating a self-care plan into the season.

In this video, we expand on the importance of self-care during the holiday season (and at all times of the year). Some people believe they are not impacted by the holiday season and, if that is the case then you can continue on with your regular self-care and recovery plan, but realistically there will be an impact from the holidays as you will receive different invitations, there will be different events, and the energy in society is different during this season and that in and of itself can have a big impact.

Therefore, it is important to prioritize your self-care plan and revisit the plan. Perhaps modifications need to be made to accommodate for changed circumstances. For instance, more evening events may mean that things you would typically do at that time of day need to get shifted to other times, sleep and rest will need to be prioritized, and your self-care routine will then influence the boundaries you set for yourself.

Self-care is essential at all times and needs to be the priority, rather than fit in when there is time. If this is the approach, then time will likely get away with you and recovery will be a very small part of your day, if at all. Take some time to sit down with yourself and look at your day and weekly plan and schedule to see if you have enough of what you need to look after yourself and maintain healthy recovery. If you are new to recovery, now is a great time (though it might not seem that way) to start exploring things you can do differently to look after yourself.

Prioritize yourself and the rest will follow. Visit us at to learn more about our programs and services.