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Technology in Recovery

Technology is everywhere and used for everything these days and has started to become a popular recovery tool. Applications for Smart Phones (or ‘Apps’ as they are colloquially called) have been designed for a number of recovery purposes:

1) Recovery counters- as those in recovery know, every minute matters and every minute in recovery is something to be celebrated. There are several applications out there that do the counting for you, even down to the second! Some of these apps include Days-Sobriety Clocks; Daily Recovery; and TimeCounter-How Long Has It Been? which can be used for any goal you would like to track

2) Daily quotes and meditations- these are also available through e-mail from places such as Hazelden. Maintaining a focus on health and recovery can be difficult to always consciously remember and prioritize, so having technology gently provide you reminders of recovery practice is helpful for many. People often enjoy the Higher Power messages they get from these daily quotes and meditations, ‘as though it were written just for me.’ Some of these Apps include: Self-Esteem Daily Affirmations; Inspirations from Hazelden; Daily Recovery (also includes a sobriety counter); and Today’s Step. Speaker tapes are also available when a longer source of inspiration is needed

3) Holistic recovery tools like The Unity App– this has been developed by The Last Door, a residential treatment facility in British Columbia for men struggling with Addiction. The Unity App has a number of features and has been designed to connect other people in recovery to one another. It contains speaker tapes, classified ads for events and other needs, meeting finders, private chat capabilities, sobriety reminders, and much more. You can learn more at

Tools such as these open up a whole new world of possibilities with regards to daily connection in recovery. Most of these applications are free or low cost as well.