Telehealth- Skype & Phone Counselling

HUM is pleased to offer comprehensive assessment and counselling services via Skype or phone to those who reside in Alberta but outside of Calgary. This includes Banff, Canmore, Red Deer, Edmonton, and rural areas.

As we strongly believe in the diagnostic and therapeutic value of our initial comprehensive assessment, this would still be the beginning of the therapeutic interaction. If you are in need of our optional physician support, than these services would need to occur in person in order to be covered through Alberta Health Care, or else additional fees would apply.

Rates for the comprehensive assessment and follow-up appointments via Skype and phone are the same as our in-person services. Please have a look at our policies and fees page for more information. If you have a benefits plan through your workplace you may be eligible for reimbursement. Please be advised that we do not do direct billing. We accept credit card payments and e-transfers for payment of Skype and phone services.

Skype and phone sessions are available to any existing clients of HUM who have already completed the comprehensive assessment and are currently residing in Alberta.

A few additional notes about Skype services at HUM: Please note that if the connection is poor during the scheduled Skype appointment, than the appointment will be switched to telephone.

In order to have a Skype session with our staff, you will need a computer, Skype user account, up-to-date Skype software (which is free), and a webcam. If you do not have access to this, than telephone appointments are available. Please notify our administrative assistants when you are scheduling the appointment that it will be via Skype or telephone.