Risk taker? Adrenaline seeker? Have these behaviours crossed a line where they are harmful? HUM can help


Gambling Addiction (otherwise known as Addiction involving gambling) is Addiction that is manifested by a compulsion or lack of restraint to repeatedly gamble despite it causing negative consequences to the person’s physical, mental, relational and financial well-being. 

Gambling takes many forms including:

• Internet gambling
• Casinos
• Slot machines
• Betting
• Lottery tickets and investments

In the past 12 months:

  • Have you had an overpowering feeling to gamble?
  • Gambled more often or for longer periods than intended?
  • Felt annoyed by others criticizing your gambling?
  • Hid or lied about how much you gamble?
  • Been unsuccessful to consistently abstain from gambling despite wanting to?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you likely need help. Please call or email us for more information and we can provide guidance on how to get started.

Gambling Addiction Treatment

At HUM, we provide outpatient assessment and treatment for Addiction involved gambling. Treatment is tailored to your needs and can include one on one therapy, group therapy, intensive outpatient program.