Fitness to work assessment (FTW)

What is meant by “fit to work”?

“Fit to work” or “fitness to work” is a medical assessment done when an employer wishes to be sure an employee can safely do a specific job or task. The purpose is to determine if medically the employee can perform the job or task under the working conditions. Fitness to work assessments are most often done to determine medical fitness after an illness or injury, but are sometimes done after employment has been offered, as requested by the employer, or as a condition of a job transfer.

How is the assessment done?

The employee will be assessed by a psychologist and physician to determine if the person is able to do a particular job. The healthcare provider will report one of three conditions back to the employer:

  • fit,
  • unfit, or
  • fit, subject to work modifications.

FTW Assessment Services

There are 3 options available at HUM for FTW assessments:

  • Psychological FTW assessment + report*
  • Medical FTW assessment + report*
  • Psychological and Medical FTW assessment + report*

*All types of assessments include an initial meeting with a Registered Nurse where background and demographic information is collected along bio-psycho-social-spiritual dimensions.

Psychological FTW Assessment

1 hour appointment with a Registered Psychologist + Psychological testing

After meeting with a Registered Nurse where all background and demographic information has been collected, the individual will meet with a Registered Psychologist. During this appointment, the Psychologist will build on the information that was gathered in the first session to further explore current issues and concerns, discuss significant relationships, mental health diagnoses (e.g., depression, anxiety) and chronic pain issues, if applicable.  This assessment is holistic and focuses on the individuals’ bio-psycho-social-spiritual health.

In addition to the assessment interview, individuals will complete psychological tests as part of the psychological FTW.  Each test will take approximately 30-60 minutes to complete and measure areas including: memory, mood and anxiety disorders, personality disorders, substance use, social support, self-harm, perception of self, and relationships. After this, a thorough report will be compiled for the workplace which includes a fitness to work recommendation and treatment plan. Interpretations of the psychological test results will be included in the FTW report.

Medical FTW Assessment

1 hour appointment with a medical doctor

Prior to this appointment, the medical doctor will review all workplace documentation. During the appointment current issues and concerns will be further explored and addressed.  Medications will be reviewed and diagnoses clarified.  An individualized treatment plan and recommendations will be outlined, tailored to the clients specific needs in context with the workplace issues for maximizing the individual’s health potential.

Psychological + Medical FTW Assessment

1 hour appointments with a Registered Psychologist, medical doctor, and psychological testing

In this specific type of FTW assessment, the individual will participate in each of the processes outlined above, with the report summarizing the information gained through each appointment and test.

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