Anxiety Counselling

At HUM, we provide anxiety counselling for anxiety issues of all types. All of our clients have the option to go through a comprehensive assessment, which includes an anxiety screening, or get started with individual counselling.

The aim of anxiety counselling is to allow individuals a safe space to process their emotions and experiences, while learning healthy and effective ways of coping with their symptoms and stressors.

Anxiety counselling services at HUM are provided by our integrated health team that includes registered psychologists, registered social worker, nurse clinicians, and physicians. Our psychotherapeutic approach draws from a variety of models and incorporates aspects of Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy, Solution-Focused Therapy, Rational Emotive Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, and Family Systems Therapy.

Sessions may be short or long-term in duration depending on your needs. All it takes to get started is a phone call and we will walk you through your options.