Up to 4.4 million Canadians consume alcohol to a degree that they are vulnerable to chronic health effects. We can support you in your journey of change

Alcohol Addiction (otherwise known as Addiction involving alcohol or alcoholism) is a compulsion or lack of restraint to repeatedly drink alcohol despite it causing negative consequences to the person’s health and well being.  Patterns of alcohol use can vary between individuals and may include binge drinking (episodic drinking when the person consumes more than 5 drinks at a time), daily drinking, social drinking, or drinking alone (e.g., “a closet drinker”). Behaviours persisting in spite of negative consequences are commonly a symptom of Addiction.

In the past 12 months:

  • Have you had an overpowering feeling to keep drinking alcohol?
  • Have you drank alcohol more often or in larger amounts than intended?
  • Felt annoyed by others criticizing your alcohol use?
  • Have you hid or lied about how much you drink?
  • Have you struggled to consistently abstain from drinking alcohol despite wanting to?
  • Have you been unsuccessful at cutting back your alcohol use to low risk drinking guidelines?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you likely need help. Please call or email us for more information and we can provide guidance on how to get started.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment

At HUM, we provide outpatient assessment and treatment for Addiction involved alcohol. Treatment is tailored to your needs and can include one on one therapy, detox/withdrawal management, medication assisted recovery, group therapy, intensive outpatient program.