Group Therapy

What is the goal of group therapy?

Group therapy allows individuals to have discussions with others in recovery. “An addict alone is in bad company” so having an opportunity to vocalize and reflect on recovery in a professionally-facilitated forum can minimize isolation and provide a meaningful complement to other recovery actions that group members are also engaged in, including 12 step programs (AA, NA, etc.).

Who is this program for?

Group therapy (group counselling) is for anyone identifying as having Addiction, Mental Health and/or Chronic Pain problems and would like to build their recovery network in a safe, therapeutic environment. As Addiction is Addiction, groups are open to individuals struggling with alcohol, drugs, food, sex, relationships, gambling, or any other aspect of the addictive process, chronic pain and/or mental health issues.

How is the program delivered?

HUM offers weekly 2 hour group therapy sessions that can be used as part of outpatient addiction, mental health and chronic pain treatment and continuing care. The recovery support groups are process-oriented; therefore the structure of each group session is fluid and reflective of the needs and current issues raised by group members. 

Each session begins with a check-in from all members. Facilitators provide updates on services, latest developments in the addiction, mental health and chronic pain field, and other information that may be meaningful to members. Group members have an opportunity to process their life issues and reflect on their recovery, including successes and challenges they are facing. For the remainder of the session, the HUM team facilitates discussion based on the themes and issues raised by group members during the initial check-in.

When can someone start group therapy, and are there any prerequisites?

All potential group members must first complete HUM’s comprehensive assessment in order to determine eligibility for group. If your HUM healthcare providers believe that group therapy would be beneficial to your recovery, you will be recommended to an appropriate group and can typically start attending group within 1-2 weeks. New group members need to commit to weekly group therapy for a minimum of two (2) quarters or six (6) months to optimize the therapeutic value of group therapy. A signed and approved group billing form is required before commencement of group therapy. 

Upon completion of the initial 6 month group commitment, ongoing attendance frequency can be re-evaluated in collaboration with the HUM clinical team at any time. Following the 6 month commitment, group attendees must attend a minimum of one group a month to maintain their group status.

What are the costs?

The cost of group therapy is $70 per 2 hour session. Discounts are eligible for quarterly, half-year and yearly prepayment options.

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