Comprehensive Assessment

What is the goal?

The comprehensive assessment is designed for anyone who would like a full exploration of their history, symptoms, and acuity of the issues. Overall health and wellness, strengths will be explored as well to establish accurate diagnosis(es) as well as individualized treatment planning and recommendations.

Who is this for?

The comprehensive assessment is appropriate for anyone who has been involved in the medical system for some time but continues to experience problematic symptoms and/or is frustrated by the lack of clarity they have around their issues at this time; as well as those who are curious to learn more about themselves and where they are at.

How is the Comprehensive assessment delivered?

1.5 hour appointment with a Registered Nurse. During this appointment, presenting issues and concerns will be addressed and you will complete a bio-psycho-social-spiritual questionnaire. Completion of the comprehensive questionnaire will address previous and current health issues, family history, mental health, brain type etc. in order for us to have some general background prior to you coming to HUM. You will have an opportunity during this session to share your concerns and perspective in a therapeutic, confidential environment. At the end of this appointment, you will be given a requisition for optional blood work and urine sample.
1 hour appointment with a Registered Psychologist or Social Worker + Optional Psychological testing. During this appointment, the therapist will build on the information that was gathered in the first session, further address current issues and concerns, discuss significant relationships, mental health diagnoses (e.g., depression, anxiety) and chronic pain issues, if applicable. During this appointment, the therapist will ask about your treatment goals and provide suggestions for treatment planning. This assessment is holistic and focuses on the individual’s bio-psycho-social-spiritual health. Individuals have the option to complete a psychological test as part of their second appointment that will be reviewed in a follow-up session. Individuals have the option to complete a psychological test as part of their second appointment that will be reviewed in a follow-up session.

1 hour appointment with a medical doctor.

If requested, or determined through the assessment it would be recommended, you will meet with one of the medical doctors on our team. During this appointment, your specific needs will be reviewed and actions recommended as required. Complementary and integrative medicine areas can also be reviewed depending on the individual’s needs and interests.

When can someone start the program, how does one start, and are there any prerequisites?

Anyone can self-refer to HUM and there is no wait list or prerequisites to starting. All it takes to get started is a phone call.

What are the costs?


  • $400 for the Assessment (Parts 1 and 2)
  • Alberta Health Care covers optional sessions with physicians
  • $200 deposit kept on file for any late cancellations, no shows and unpaid balances (this can be requested back at anytime)

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