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Our book: Addiction is Addiction

Addiction is Addiction: Understanding the disease in oneself and others for a better quality of life
By Raju Hajela, Sue Newton, and Paige Abbott

Within the last month our book has become available in a number of formats, including paperback/hardcover through Amazon, Chapters/Indigo, and Friesen Press and ebook from Kobo, Kindle, and iBooks. Our book is intended to inform audiences on what Addiction is and discusses topics including addictive thinking, feelings, communication, holistic recovery, and has valuable information for healthcare providers and family members living and working with this disease. Copies are also available from our office for $25+GST.

A portion of all the proceeds from the book will be donated to the Foundation for Addiction and Mental Health ( We hope that together we can draw attention to the reality of what Addiction is, reduce stigma, and improve quality of life.

We appreciate your support!