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H.U.M. and Mental Health

While H.U.M. has come to be known for its integrated treatment of addiction and chronic pain, we also accept referrals for other mental health conditions. All new clients participate in our three part comprehensive assessment process so that we can get a thorough sense of their history and presenting concerns. In addition to meeting with a nurse and psychologist/counsellor, clients also meet with a physician with experience in mental health. This allows clients to focus on holistic health, as they can discuss their emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical health throughout the intake process.

Mental health encompasses a wide scope of challenges; some of the more common issues that clients present with include:


* Depression: This is a condition characterized by symptoms such as hopelessness, feeling sad/blue much of the time, significant changes in eating/sleeping patterns, suicidal thoughts/attempts, and low self-esteem.


* Anxiety: The common features of anxiety include racing thoughts, physical symptoms (such as sweaty palms, tightness in the chest, knots in the stomach), difficulty concentrating, and trouble relaxing.


* Relationship concerns: No relationship is perfect and couple’s may struggle to communicate about recurring issues effectively. A healthcare professional can help facilitate health and growth in relationships, whether individually or through couple’s counselling.


* Stress: We all experience ups and downs in our daily lives but many find benefit in processing these stressors with a professional who can also help them explore healthy ways of coping.


After your treatment goals have been identified and a treatment plan has been created, the HUM team will provide support and coping strategies for the challenges you are facing. Treatment may involve such things as: a focus on self-care; addressing boundaries or communication in relationships; exploring your internal self-talk; relaxation strategies; trauma recovery (such as EMDR), or a variety of other tools.


If you identify with some of the categories presented above or are struggling and would like some professional support, please contact us at 403-536-2480.


Paige Abbott, Registered Psychologist