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Mike Davies Avatar
Mike Davies
2/07/2020 - Google

I was a patient of Dr. Hajela's 2 years before HUM was created. I was under his, and his teams care from HUM's inception in 2009 until 2014 (7 years). I attended 2 other treatment programs in BC and Calgary,... read more

Arthur Fopma Avatar
Arthur Fopma
10/29/2019 - Google

My disease of addiction progressed relatively slowly and caused my life to become unmanagable near the end of my working life. Initially I thought if I could just stop abusing alcohol all would be "normal" again. Even after... read more

Allan Rosales Avatar
Allan Rosales
8/29/2019 - Google

HUM is an excellent organization. Their staff are thoughtful, well informed and welcoming. My team provides Art Therapy sessions as part of the Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). Art provides participants a method of expression that goes beyond the... read more

carl ninow Avatar
carl ninow
8/29/2019 - Google

I have learned to understand my education and myself. Living a life of recovery that is allowing me to live a life true to the best person I can be.

Cathy Avatar
7/29/2019 - Google

I came to HUM almost 2 years ago feeling at my wits end as I had hit an emotional bottom! I had been sober for over 24 years and worked the steps of my 12 Step program, and yet... read more

Gordon Lynch Avatar
Gordon Lynch
5/29/2019 - Google

The Team at HUM is fantastic and they have an awesome suite of service offerings that align with a Biological, Psychological, Social, and Spiritual model of health; I trust them with contributing in an amazing way to the ongoing health... read more

mohni fajar Avatar
mohni fajar
5/29/2019 - Google

Was allowed to sit in on some of the group counseling as part of my training. The dynamic they have was beautiful, tightly knit and supportive!

Justin Andres Avatar
Justin Andres
5/29/2019 - Google

My first experience with HUM was through the Intensive Outpatient Program they offer. This treatment program was miles ahead of any other treatment I had received or experienced up to that point. I learned more about my addiction than I... read more

Deana Lee Avatar
Deana Lee
5/29/2019 - Google

I teach yoga for HUM and they are fabulous. They are extremely professional and knowledgeable. They treat their clients and staff with the utmost respect. If you're looking for an excellent recovery program in Calgary, look... read more

Greg Liakopoulos Avatar
Greg Liakopoulos
5/29/2019 - Google

I began my journey of recovery at HUM having enrolled in their intensive outpatient program. It has been a truly life changing experience. I have struggled with addiction for many years. For the first time in my life I learned... read more

Fleur Hughes Avatar
Fleur Hughes
5/29/2019 - Google

As as proffessional providing services to HUM,I have found their staff to be efficient, knowledgeable and proffessional.

Lisa Virzi Avatar
Lisa Virzi
5/29/2019 - Google

My participation in this clinic has transformed not only mine but my family's lives. I have been to my fair share of physiologists over the years and nothing has compared. At HUM we receive holistic treatment that looks at all... read more

Annie Hussain Avatar
Annie Hussain
5/29/2019 - Google

As a professional providing services at HUM, I can wholeheartedly say that the HUM team has been extremely supportive of the Art Therapy program my colleagues and I have implemented for over a year now. I admire HUM's holistic approach... read more

Krista Soderberg Avatar
Krista Soderberg
5/26/2019 - Facebook

My experience at HUM has been life changing. I started my recovery journey 3.5 years ago but didn’t really understand the depth and magnitude of my disease until I came to HUM 2.5 years ago. The HUM philosophy of “addiction... read more

Colleen Way Avatar
Colleen Way
1/29/2019 - Google

I first reached out to HUM in a desperate attempt to get help for my adult daughter who suffers from addiction. Little did I know that I would be the one to discover my own addictive problems and finally get... read more

Kristin Young Avatar
Kristin Young
1/29/2019 - Google

HUM is true to its name, my health has been moving upwards since I started as a patient with them nearly a year ago. My treatment at HUM has helped me find an increase of health, happiness and harmony... read more

Justin Bernardin Avatar
Justin Bernardin
1/29/2019 - Google

What brought me to HUM 2+ years ago was an underlying unhappiness, or lack of zest for life/depression. My experience through the assessment appointments was an interesting one, and resonated truth with me. HUM's compassionate, and empathetic approach towards therapy... read more

Ramneet Kainth Avatar
Ramneet Kainth
1/29/2019 - Google

I had the fortunate opportunity to spend 2 weeks observing HUM's Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) as a student to better my understanding of Addiction and had a life changing experience! Dr. Hajela, Sue, Paige, Kaylie, Dr. Hurley, Troy and Mike... read more

Paul Avatar
1/29/2019 - Google

I had the very good fortune of being introduced to H.U.M. 4 years ago and that was a turning point in my life. The holistic approach to recovery at H.U.M (bio, psycho, social, spiritual) has been instrumental for me.... read more

marina M Avatar
marina M
1/29/2019 - Google

I was searching for a compassionate, and empathetic therapy approach towards the "broken" person I was. HUM's therapy gave me the safety I needed for understanding, acceptance and personal growth. Their unconditional care, support, programs, and encouragement to choose the... read more

John L Avatar
John L
1/29/2019 - Google

I spent approximately 1.5 years visiting Paige and Dr. Hajela at HUM and each visit was a great experience and really helped me learn more about myself. The office is very welcoming and peaceful and you are treated very... read more

Sue Dietrich Avatar
Sue Dietrich
1/29/2019 - Google

Health Upwardly Mobile Inc.( HUM), has an exceptional integrated health care team which has catered to my specific addiction care needs in a holistic way over the last 9 years. I highly recommend their many addiction, mental health and pain... read more

Markus Wespi Avatar
Markus Wespi
1/29/2019 - Google

When you are in trouble, you seem to do what ever you have been told to do, in order to please the people that punished you for breaking the law. At HUM, I woke up and realized, that there is... read more

Tracey Cook Avatar
Tracey Cook
1/29/2019 - Google

As many of us know, our public health care system, although superior to many countries, is overloaded & often makes getting the critical help needed, a very slow, difficult process. After countless dead ends, I decided... read more

Dee Miner Avatar
Dee Miner
1/29/2019 - Google

As a healthcare professional with addiction it was very important to be able to access timely, accessible comprehensive care. Not only have I found that HUM met the mark on those fronts they were also incredibly compassionate, and skilled at... read more

Allison Bernardin Avatar
Allison Bernardin
1/29/2019 - Google

I am a patient at HUM and have been for several years (6+/-). I would not hesitate to recommend them and share my experience with others. They are professional, experienced, educated and caring individuals who work together to provide me... read more

Denene Derksen Avatar
Denene Derksen
1/29/2019 - Google

In 2016/2017 I facilitated a number of Art Therapy group sessions for the IOP program at HUM. I found the office to be warm and welcoming, and the program offers a healthy balance of mind, body and spiritual support. It... read more

Nader Attalla Avatar
Nader Attalla
1/29/2019 - Google

I am a family and addiction physician Who had the opportunity to get training at HUM . I regularly refer my patients to this place as I can't say enough positive things about this place. The staff are detail... read more

Adam Broniewski Avatar
Adam Broniewski
1/29/2018 - Google

Holistic recovery that supports and challenges you to be the best you can. Lots of different options (one-on-one therapy, couples counselling, group therapy, intensive out-patient program, workshops) to help tailor things to each individuals needs. The on-going support has been... read more

Mona Cooley Avatar
Mona Cooley
6/05/2017 - Facebook

I reviewed the videos provided by HUM. They are excellent and worth the small amount of time to listen to the information. I recommend listening to them!!

Last-Door Recovery Society Avatar
Last-Door Recovery Society
1/29/2016 - Google

addiction recovery at its best!

Giuseppe Ganci Avatar
Giuseppe Ganci
1/29/2016 - Google

Amazing place for people to recover from addiction... all your needs met conveniently in a professional office. Last Door is happy to work with HUM for all our Calgary Alumni.