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Dr. Hajela is climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro to raise awareness about mental hygiene

Addiction and Mental Health problems affect everyone around the world, directly or indirectly through a relative or close friend. Yet, lack of awareness and stigma remain huge barriers to talking about the problems more honestly and openly, let alone getting the proper help. People and care providers, including doctors who can write prescriptions, often look towards symptom suppression and avoidance rather than dealing with the problems, while not appreciating that symptoms are a way for our body-mind to raise awareness that something is wrong and needs to be addressed!

I am choosing to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, one of the seven summits in the world, and the highest peak in Africa, from February 23-29, 2016 as a personal goal to demonstrate that challenges in life can be dealt with, as long as help and support are available and utilized. I will be traveling with my friend, Mr. Girish Agrawal, who has pledged to support the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) to build sanitation facilities and promote awareness for better physical hygiene.

I am supporting the Foundation for Addiction and Mental Health (FAMH) to promote mental hygeine and asking family, friends, and others to pledge sponsorship for my endeavour that would go 100% to support FAMH, as I am paying for my own trip. Mental hygiene is necessary as is physical hygiene.

I would appreciate your support. Your donation will qualify 100% for tax credit purposes. I hope and am confident that you will donate and bring dignity to as many lives as possible. Please do forward this message to your friends and family so that they also have the opportunity to support this cause.

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Thank you.
With sincere regards,
Raju Hajela