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Book Review: The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer

By Dr. Raju Hajela

I read this book recently as it was presented to me by a patient/colleague who made the observation that this book discusses the ideas that we explore with patients here at HUM. My comment would be: Exactly!

The author explores some basic ideas about who we are as spiritual beings having a human experience. It highlights the fact that, as much as we identify with our thoughts, feelings and experiences, we are not them. The challenges in life that we face or the happy experiences that we have are all part of the process, the true nature of which is hard for us to comprehend at times from the human perspective.

The author talks a lot about fear and shame being barriers to true connection with others and life in general. As much as the book is not about Addiction and Recovery or Mental Health specifically, the attachment to the past, generation of shame, and fear of the future, with a lot of unhealthy script writing, are familiar ideas for people with mental health addiction-related problems.  Suggestions that the author makes about conscious, healthy living are all holistic recovery positive and applicable to anyone. This is a great book for those interested in getting to know themselves better and nurturing our mind, body and spirit.