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Anxiety-Facebook Live Event Upcoming!

Fear is an interesting experience as it can take our minds to some very dark and paralyzing places. It is also a helpful and needed emotion to keep us safe and on alert to deal with threats in our world. Anxiety is when helpful, evolutionary advantageous fear is taken to an extreme and our mind starts to react to a great deal of stimuli around us as though it could hurt us. Anxiety can be mild all the way to severe and debilitating for people. Thankfully, with awareness and action this experience can be shifted.

On Wednesday June 10 @ 11am MST, some of the clinical staff from Health Upwardly Mobile will be hosting a Facebook Live event to discuss more about the nature of anxiety, how it has looked from our perspective during the COVID-19 pandemic to date, and answering viewers’ questions to support people in their awareness journey.

You can find the event here:

The event will also be recorded and posted for future viewing.