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Addiction is Chronic

It is only in recent decades that people have come to appreciate the brain science behind Addiction. Even still there is controversy and debate over this. At HUM, we work with Addiction based on this brain science and explore it as a primary (not caused by anything else), chronic (long-term), brain issue. This condition requires appropriate assessment and treatment and, with that, a high quality of life is possible, more so than any other long-term condition out there. There is lots of hope, but often people get discouraged when they think about chronic or long-term. It is important to acknowledge the feelings and barriers to accepting this, as well as be realistic that you still need to live life and recovery moment by moment, day by day, but it is important to not give up or move away from recovery when you think you are “cured.”

Usually what is happening in this instance is that the acute symptom of Addiction that had flared up has subsided, which is great. But this does not mean that the underlying condition is gone. Therefore, it is important to have a balanced recovery plan, as well as regularly re-evaluate your recovery plan to ensure that it is meeting your health needs today.

HUM can support with assessment and long-term treatment of Addiction for individuals, families, and family members. Contact us at 403-536-2480 to learn more.