Mental Health Services

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Mental Health

Mental Health is having clarity in thinking and facility in dealing with feelings to realize our full potential as human beings to be happy, creative, content, productive at work, home and in the community, and cope with the common stressors of daily living. Mental health problems can be short- or long-term in nature and may or may not require additional support, such as medication. For coping and recovery, an emphasis on holistic health is encouraged; that is, a focus on biological, psychological, social, and spiritual aspects of self. Remember: Healthy mind, Healthy body!

How to recognize a problem:

Significant impairment in work/school, family, or close relationships is an obvious sign of difficulty. Other signs may include changes in sleeping or appetite, dramatic mood fluctuations, consistently unhealthy relationships, flashbacks or nightmares, or racing thoughts. Having these symptoms does not necessarily mean that you have a diagnosable mental health condition, but is a sign that you could benefit from professional consultation to clarify diagnoses and help overcome current roadblocks you may be facing.

Treatment for mental health varies depending on the individual but, ideally, will involve a holistic approach involving biological (physical), psychological (emotional), social (relationships), and spiritual (values and meaning) elements.

Treatment can include:

  • Individual, couples, and/or family counselling
  • Techniques to explore and address thinking patterns (Cognitive-Behavioural therapy)
  • Exploration of family of origin and relationships
  • Relaxation techniques (Progressive Muscle Relaxation, deep breathing)
  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) to address traumatic experiences
  • Encouragement of self-care (fun and relaxing activities)
  • Medical support and treatment (e.g., medication)
  • Discussion and exploration of the role of spirituality in your life
  • A proactive, rather than reactive, focus on mental health


Mental Health Counselling Services

At HUM, we offer counselling services in various formats. For more information about the counselling process and the benefits of counselling, please visit the counselling services page.

Mental health counselling at HUM is varied and customized to each individual. Our professional staff use a range of therapeutic techniques and frameworks in order to provide mental health counselling best suited for you.


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